High quality product shots of a can were used by StackaWraps to create the final large fabric printed version of this premium StackaWrap retail activation, now available in Australia and New Zealand.
Photos of an ice cream were the product images used by StackaWraps within their patented process to render the fabric cover and perfectly fitting internals to produce this this 3D life like photo-realistic innovative Point Of Sale item that was a new concept.
A recent IRI study of the alcoholic beverage market showed that 40% of consumers who buy adult beverages 'have not decided what they are going to purchase when they walk into a store'. The 60% who do have a planned purchase, 21% end up changing their minds once they are in the store. Imagine how effective these high quality unmissable retail activation displays would be for a beverage like this.
A clean, high quality image render was used to replicate footwear over 4 feet long. Note, the floor footprint of this item can be minimal due to the ability to wall-hang or place as part of an activation, for this StackaWrap example that is now being produced in Sydney for Australia and New Zealand.
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StackaWraps® is a patented process produced under license in Australia and New Zealand by Branded Group