Photo realistic 3D replicas over 4 feet high that take 5 minutes to assemble in any Australian or New Zealand store or venue. 

The patented StackaWraps system is produced under license in Australia & New Zealand by Branded Group as a result of 5 years of process work in the UK.

StackaWraps are an ultra light all-in-one tailored display solution, custom designed to suit your brand using photo realistic, high quality printed fabric that is durable, lightweight and waterproof. 

These are NOT: Large Inflatables, 3D Carvings or Oversized Vacform Standees already available in Australia.

This patented process 'automatically' ensures lightweight quality fabric prints fit an exact internal skeleton that then flat-packs to save on shipping costs and time.  

The StackaWraps Point Of Sale method reproduces a photo-realistic large scale 3D version of any product. Giant drinks bottles, baked bean cans, perfume bottles or any type of packaged product can be produced cost effectively and without the need of a 3D printer or expensive 3D model maker. The products are distributed flat packed and can be assembled in minutes.

The clever part is the method to convert a 2D image into a 3D image and at the same time create a set of construction drawings for the manufacture of the frame work that make up the displays in varying material types (dependent on holding product, outdoor placement or other factors you request).

Working with existing product photos of your packaging from Australia or New Zealand, our Sydney based production/logistics partner Branded Group uses the patented process to create exact 3D duplicates of your original packaging, fully wrapped, packed and shipped to retail locations in the smallest of boxes.   

StackaWraps can be used as semi or permanent displays to make your products literally "Stand Above The Crowd",  in a hugely competitive market place. 

By using StackaWraps in Australia & New Zealand, you set your brand aside from the competition by joining some of the world’s biggest names already using StackaWraps for their marketing and promotional activities.  Just view our gallery here:

What are StackaWraps?

StackaWraps® is a patented process produced under license in Australia and New Zealand by Branded Group